We are a fun, dedicated group of individuals who provide technical and creative support to our clients. We know that when we do our job well, our clients operate at their best. Our mission is to become the Portland area's premier in-house AV solution and to grow as a ThinkAV family. 


We love working in portland

We work at ThinkAV because we love knowing our expertise makes a difference right here. Unlike working for other AV companies, we don't have to travel long distances to service far away events. Our families appreciate this too. We are proud to serve Portland's finest venues. 


this is not a desk job

Being part of ThinkAV means we get to do something different every day. Our minds are always engaged on how best to serve our clients as we problem-solve and execute our meetings and events. We work hard and we know that when we do our job right, our clients feel confident. 


let's do some great work

We are passionate about audiovisual experiences. At ThinkAV, we are more than technical experts. We think outside the box to find creative solutions; to make the experience more than typical. Whether it's designing a set or calming a speaker, we believe in going the extra mile.  



If you are a passionate person and interested in joining our company, please send us your resume. We are looking for smart, honest and hardworking individuals who think outside the box. 

Send resumes to: